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Political Action

InsurPac - IIABA's Political Action Committee
Your support of InsurPac has helped make your national lobbying team one of the best in the nation.  Your continued support is need to maintain that strength.  Your voice is heard through the national lobbying team on a regular basis in Washington D.C as well as on national television and radio.
Please download the Corporate Approval form which enables IIABA and AIIAB to ask for your support.  Signing the form does not commit you to making any contributions.
To make your contribution please download the Insurpac Contribution Form and submit your Insurpac contribution today.
Insurpac of Alaska - AIIAB's Political Action Committee
Nationally, the Big "I" works hard to make and influence policy on the Hill.  However, we do have policymakers in Alaska that we need to  support our Small Business and Indepdendent Insurance Agents.  If you like to make a contribution to the InsurPac of Alaska Fund you can downloac the Insurpac of Alaska Contribution Form and submit your payment to the Insurpac Chair:  Katie Eddy / P-W Insurance, 100 North Nordic, Petersburg, AK 99833.
We also host an annual InsurPac Silent Auction at the AIIAB Convention and Trade Show. Please consider donating an item to the Silent Auction on Thursday, October 14th, 2010, or be prepared to purchase an item to help support this cause. We appreciate your continued support and interest!