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Government Affairs

AIIAB continues to be the voice of independent agents and an unrelenting advocate on their behalf. This advocacy takes a number of forms, including lobbying on legislative, regulatory and legal issues, public information programs and assistance on technical issues.
David Hale is legislative chair and will oversee AIIAB’s legislative efforts on a year-round basis. As our Legislative Representative, Mr. Hale will regularly communicate the concerns of agents, the insurance industry and the business community to legislators and their staffs. To accomplish its work, the Association’s Legislative Committee tracks and analyzes bills introduced during each two-year session of the Alaska State Senate and Assembly. AIIAB’s Legislative Representatives responds and works with legislators to support or oppose various bills, as well as develops legislation that the Association advocates to have enacted into law. They also coordinate regulatory activity for the membership.
Additionally, the Legislative Committee coordinates our grass-roots efforts, which supports the Association’s position on legislation.
To contact our Legislative Representative, write or call:  David Hale - 907-456-6671
AIIAB's lobbyist,  John Walsh, protects and promotes agents' and brokers' legislative interests at our state capitol in Juneau. He works with our Legislative Committee and a dedicated grassroots network of independent agents and brokers who respond quickly to pending legislation through letters, faxes, calls and email messages to their elected officials.
Advocacy with the Insurance Commissioner's Office
AIIAB works closely with Director of Insurance, Linda Hall and her staff on legislative initiatives and regulatory reforms. We have representatives that have worked effectively on numerous pieces of legislation, and these representatives provide an Independent Agent's voice in the regulation of our industry.
Part of a National Team
The Independent Insurance Agents of America boasts one of the most effective lobbying teams in Washington. AIIAB's members are a key part of this award-winning team. AIIAB members contribute to InsurPac, participate in the National Legislative Conference, and form the grassroots link to Alaska's U.S. Senators and Representatives
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